Why Consider Using Data Storage Online?

In the past, computer users would store data on their local hard drive. As hard drive capacities have expanded, so need for users to store data. Today, many users realize that local hard drive storage may not be the best way to store data. Many people have more than two devices. With the proliferation of Internet accessible desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, tablet computers, and cell phones, it is becoming more difficult for most of the devices to access the data that the user needs, which is on a hard drive located on one of the devices. To remedy the problem of access to the user's files, it makes a lot more sense to use data storage online.


By moving data online, it means any of the user's devices can access the same file. For example, the user can access a document from a desktop computer at home as well as a laptop from work. And it's possible to access the same document from a cell phone or other a tablet computer. This is not possible if the data is stuck on a local hard drive. The ability to access data from any device is a big advantage of storing data on the Internet rather than locally. To learn more, check out this site


Another reason why users should consider data storage online is to decrease the chance of loss. With a single local hard drive, the failure of the device would likely lead to data loss. That means there is no protection against hardware failure. At most providers of data storage, the data is usually protected against a single hard drive failure using a technology called RAID, which stands for redundant array of inexpensive disks. This technology allows data storage providers to protect data with only a minimal increase in the number of hard disk drives needed. That allows data providers to keep the cost low while protecting the data at the same time.


Many users also like the physical security of data online. With data stored on a local hard drive, it can be stolen quite easily by stealing the computer that it is sitting on. Physical theft is a distinct possibility. And it's something that users need to consider. For example, many laptop computers are stolen with sensitive data that only exists on the local hard drive. Many people leave their laptops alone for a few seconds, which is more than long enough for a thief to steal the device. With online storage, there is no physical theft to worry about. Because security credentials are needed to access files, the data is protected. That is another reason why online storage is superior to local storage.


If there are any disadvantages to data storage online, the main one is the time that it takes to upload the data online. Many people have broadband connections that limit the upload speed. Because of this, it can take a long time to upload large amounts of data. For example, music files that are audio only will not take much time. On the other hand, HD videos may take a very long time to upload even when the same Internet connection has the very fast speed for HD downloads. Users who plan to upload large amounts of data on the Internet will need to be patient when trying to move the data. Look up enterprise data storage options online to get started. 


Overall, the advantages of using data storage online outweigh the disadvantages. In particular, the ability to access the same data from any device is huge for people who have multiple devices. Also, the greater reliability of online storage is a big advantage as well. That is why many should consider storing their data on the Internet.